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All writings are as a result of research and writings of other experts in the industry of health, wellness, nutrition  and diet. With respect o everyone of them, they have done a good job to expose us to the secret of our diet and health.

Rachel and Ade are ministers of the Gospel and were trained and still undergoing training from the best Nutritionist ever, He never grew old from ages to ages. He remained the same because He eats the right diet and ever remain strong. He weary not and tired not. He created everything beautiful from the beginning and laid the foundation of man’s nutrition from the beginning. He gave man the direction of what to eat and what not to eat.

Man in his ignorance thought he knew more than Him and began to eat what His creator commanded him not to eat and in the process he became weak, sick and old and died because of ill health. But for those that believed him and obeyed His instruction on their diet remained strong and their years were renew like the years of their youth.

Let us go back to the beginning and it will interest you that if you can discipline yourself on your diet, then your days would be renew like the days of the eagle.

What the doctors say is not curable is really curable.

First Jesus is the way yo perfect healing and you need to accept Him today and after correct your diet and you will be healthy again.

May the Lord Bless You. Subscribe to our newsletter today to know the 21 Principles of Healthy Diet Lifestyle.

Be strong and healthy

Ade & Rachel

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